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Teacher Testimonials

Johanna and Eric helped me find my current job in China, Shanghai. They were very helpful and supportive, the assistance I got was more than I expected and I’m forever grateful. Johanna went an extra mile to help me before and after I got my job. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a teaching job in China.

-Bukeka N.

After working with a great number of recruiters for Chinese schools, my experience with Eric and Johanna was a breath of fresh air. They were extremely honest and well informed about about all of the schools that they put me in touch with. Most importantly, they seemed to really care about connecting me with a school that would be a great fit and ultimately helped place me in one of Shanghai’s best Kindergartens. I could not be happier here and can honestly say that I would not be where I am today had they not gone to bat for me the way they did!

-Casey W.

Johanna and Eric took the time to find a school that fit me perfectly, which helped to make this huge life transition a wonderful experience. Approaching agents in China, there’s always a very high chance that they won’t listen to what you’re looking for or the job that they advertised will turn out completely different. Not only does that not happen with Pangaea, I would say they made job hunting a much smoother and happier experience. Both Johanna and Eric listened attentively to what I was looking for, were very understanding of my situation and only recommended me to schools that knew were a 100% fit for me. Their network of schools consists of only the best ones, so you don’t need to worry and fret not knowing what kind of school you’ll be interviewing for. I would say, working with Pangaea has been the best career choice I have made.

-Mario B.


Pangaea has helped me a lot getting settled in Shanghai. They provided me the strength to be confident so I could start this new adventure in my life. One can rely on them for all concerns. Johanna and Eric are good communicators and the recommendation they gave me was very important for my placement.

-Roser B.

I came in contact with Johanna and Eric when I made the decision to teach abroad. They took the time to find a school that fit me perfectly, which helped to make this huge life transition a wonderful experience. I love my life in China! I owe a huge thank you to Pangea.

-Priscilla A.

As any expat knows, living abroad takes patience and flexibility to adapt to the new culture. Johanna and Eric were easy to talk to and helpful in answering my questions.  They made sure the school was a good fit and I felt supported throughout the hiring process.

-Steve G.




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