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Why China

Why China

High Salaries

Chinese international schools offer some of the most competitive and lucrative teaching packages on the international school market.

Low Living Costs

Daily expenses in China are low.  Transportation, food, utilities, and cell phone bills are significantly cheaper than in most western countries.

Pay Down Student Loans

It may not be as thrilling as international travel, but getting out from under burdensome student loans is a big benefit! Relatively high salaries coupled with a low cost of living, can really help pay down student loans quickly.

Travel Opportunities

China is a massive country with many unique locations to explore. Short flights to Japan, Korea, and all of Southeast Asia give quick access to major world locations.

Teaching Experience

International schools are invested in upskilling their teachers.  There are many opportunities for professional development.  For ambitious teachers, there are opportunities to take on additional leadership roles within the schools.

Fabulous Food

China has so much to offer for adventurous foodies! Explore the distinct cuisines of China ranging from spicy Sichuan food to the Muslim influenced Xinjiang cuisines.  From high end restaurants to delicious street fare, there is a wide variety of food to experience.

why china