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Types Of Schools

Types of Schools

We have a deep understanding of the international schools with whom we work. As teachers, we understand how important leadership, atmosphere, and curriculum are in order to effectively educate students.  It is essential to recognize a school’s unique characteristics and mission.  Taking into account all the variables that make up a school, helps us more effectively find the ultimate match.

Three Categories of Chinese International Schools

The first category would be considered the “traditional” international schools.  These schools are for foreign passport holders and operate separately from the Chinese Ministry of Education.  They typically use a national curriculum, such as U.S. Common Core or  the British National Curriculum,  or the school adopts an international framework, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The second category includes Chinese private schools which have an international stream or division.  These schools are privately operated schools that combine both western and Chinese curricula, which also offer bilingual education.  They are open to both foreign and Chinese students.

The third category of schools includes Chinese public schools which have international divisions open to Chinese and foreign passport holders.  These schools use the Chinese national curriculum and are funded by the government.

Educational Training Schools

English training schools offer a diverse teaching experience.  Much like the international schools, there is a wide range of training schools which cater to all levels of English language learners; from toddlers to adults. Classes are typically held in the evenings and on weekends.

We focus on placing licensed and experienced teachers in international schools that are in the first three categories.

types of schools
types of schools